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Sonic Indian Catering - Sonic Indian Catering
Indian Food for Your Party

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With our traditional chef's and creative event management team we are dedicated to being one of the finest catering service's in the South of England. We will provide you and your company with a unique fine dining food experience.

The key to our success is operating with quality sourced food combined with the highest possible standards, which enable us to provide exceptional customer service to our cliental.  We understand that important business decisions with colleagues and clients are made within office's and boardroom's, that's why our chef's have over 20 year's experience in Indian cusine from South Asia's  and the Middle Easts most prestigious hotels and restaurant, to make sure lunch is exceptionally served and equally tasty.

Sonic is dedicated to providing your company with a unique food experience. We only operate by the highest standards, using only the finest produce, which enables us to provide you with the best customer service.  Sonic has a reputation for providing and maintaining a high quality product and an excellent level of service to our client base.

What are your goals? That’s the first question we ask our clients. From there, we can help with the menu, the setting and all the details.
When catering a corporate event, we believe it’s especially important to remain flexible. To anticipate the unexpected and be prepared for it – no matter where the event is, or how many guests are in attendance.  So forward a request to Sonic, and notice the difference.

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